Sunday, September 23, 2007

This has been a great week for us. Matt just finished his surgery rotation, and loved it. Now, we've got surgery as a plan unless he finds something he likes better. From what I know of Matt, though, when he has made up his mind, he has really made up his mind. Looks like Surgery is the answer for us. Lots of people think that it's a funny choice because of all the work involved, but for me, the important thing is that Matt is happy with his work. Plus, I think a lot of maligning of surgery is based in stereotypes and worse case scenarios. What people forget to mention is that surgeons are the ones called in when no one else can do anything...they're the ones that cause all the difference in the world with one procedure. The way Matt puts it, surgeons are the superheros of medicine, and what wife would begrudge her husband the chance to 'come and save the day!' every day???

The kids are great, too. I've been too tired this week to care about cleaning the house, so I've been down on the floor playing with the kids. Jack has pushed me around on his fire truck ride on toy. We've built towers out of legos. We've run trains around tracks. We've fingerpainted. We've played "chase" around the house, with Charlotte keeping up with surprising speed. Jack and I went to his new class together, too...his speech therapy small group session is structured very much like a preschool, but with only 5 little boys. We had a blast.

We also went to a Nationals baseball game last night, too...but more about that later; the kids are asking for juice. :)


Jenny said...

welcome to the blog world!

Paul & Sarah said...

Hey LiZ! We just got your Christmas letter, and all I have to say is way to go! I still haven't decided to grow up and send one out, but we may still do one in email form. We'll see. You are such a cute mom, and it sounds like Matt is doing fantastic in his training. I think that's neat that he's so sure about what he wants to do. Jack and Charlotte are adorable. I loved the picture you sent out! Have a merry Christmas!
Love, Sarah (Lowe) Cannon