Wednesday, April 9, 2008

San Antonio

Matt and I loaded the children into our nice new minivan in Maryland and arrived in San Antonio two days later, with stains on the upholstery and travel weary souls. San Antonio has, thus far, proven well worth the drive.

We're staying in TLF which, depending on your attitude, is about the size of an awesome hotel room or a seriously tiny apartment. We've got a separate bathroom and one bedroom, with a little kitchen and a fold out couch in the living room. It's not a huge space, but it's plenty for our little family (especially if Matt doesn't take the car keys to work by mistake and leave me stranded here all day...)

San Antonio is bigger than Salt Lake and smaller than Chicago...big enough to have lots of fun activities, and small enough that you can park anywhere you go. Our main activity during the week we've been here (other than gawking at the cheap houses!) has been going to the zoo/park. The zoo is set within a larger park area, and there is a small train that runs around the whole thing. Jack has ridden it three times and talks about little else. We bought a membership to the zoo and plan on going often while we're here.

We also had Jack's 3rd birthday on Sunday--a relatively sedate experience because we are 1200 miles away from any of his friends and didn't have a party. Still, I made him a lopsided cake that he accepted as his lightning mcqueen cake and gave him his tricycle. He's been riding the tricycle everywhere, from the laundry room to the park and even out to the car. I love three year olds. :)

(While I write this, Jack has watched the video clip we took of him blowing out his candles 8 times and is working on nine. I think I might throw the camera away if I have to hear myself sing Happy Birthday off key one more time...:))

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Cassidy said...

are you guys still in San Antonio? If you are, we live in Waco and are planning a trip there soon. Let us know.