Tuesday, June 23, 2009

a houseful

Sarah and Mike with their kids, Mary-Celeste, and Matt's siblings Zak and Rose just came to visit this past weekend. We all had so much fun, and the house felt used and full and alive, which was so wonderful. Now that everyone is gone, the house is probably a bit cleaner, but it feels bigger and less friendly. Anyone else want to come and visit? :)

I've been a little suprised at how difficult the move has been for me. I know, though, that with all the moves to come in the military, I need to work on making new places feel like home as soon as possible. I know that I will miss this place tremendously in 5 years, and I'm eager to start building so that in the end, I won't regret wasted time.

So, when I meet new people and greet them with judgment and suspicion, I think of the weird and wonderful people that eventually became my best friends in other places--despite my initial suspicions that they wished me evil. Without exception, every new person I meet becomes more and more dear to me as I get to know and serve them.

I also walk through the house in disbelief and feel like everything is out of place and foreign. I miss my old window seat and the big kitchen window and the azaleas and dogwoods. But then I see the my old goofy pictures hanging on freshly painted walls, and my old battered desk in a new cozy corner, and I start to feel the beginnings of love for the new space. And when I go on vacation, I'll come back and enjoy the familiarity that snuck up on me while I was away.

The unfamiliar streets will begin to seem second nature; the new and intimidating gym will gradually fill with friends and inviting routines; the playgroup full of other people's kids will gradually begin to fill with faces like those of Grace, and Barrick, and Miriam, and all the other kids that I learned to love nearly as much as my own.

It hasn't happened yet. But I have to believe that it will.


Jenny said...

So well said. I feel the same way, just not quite as eloquently.

Shawna said...

so.... i'm gonna just copy and paste your blog and put it on mine. Moving is not easy :(

Liliana was hoping Jack would be coming over today- it's sad, but I think it'll be even more sad when she stops asking for him.

Rebecca said...

I always try to think the same thing when I move somewhere new -- that I'm going to miss it just as much as the old place.

We just a bought a house that we're never going to move from, though, so I think we're done.

Coiner Family said...

Oh thank you thank you thank you. We're about to move far away (to Maryland) from our home of 5 years. We moved here when we were newly weds, and have had two kids here. We're excited for new opportunities, but it's so hard to leave old friends, places and routines. I'm so glad we were able to become friends at SVU:) Miss you and appreciate your blog. I still remember that Jack cut his first tooth on Josh's finger when you were in BV visiting Mary and Jordan!

Aleese and Scott said...

We are coming to visit! Moving is always such an adjustment and we have had some of our own without you guys around! We can't wait to see you!