Thursday, April 15, 2010

More random cute pictures

I haven't had a chance to load pictures up lately, so I thought I would catch up a little. Here is Anna sharing an oreo milkshake with mom!
Jack and Charlotte never cease to amaze me with their inventive ways to get into trouble. My mother in law found them like this and came down the stairs, trying not to laugh, "um, are the kids...supposed to be turning that blue blanket into a hammock? They say they're camping?" Fortunately for everyone, the blanket is not an heirloom and the kids were applauded, not punished, for their ingenuity.
This is a picture of us with my sister Sarah's kids, who came to visit the week after Easter for their Spring Break. It was a busy week, and a lot of fun!
This is Charlotte and Grandma, "watching conference" together on Easter. It was a hectic weekend visit and everyone was a little short on sleep and taking catnaps when we could!
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Jamie J Stansfield said...

Holy cow your fam is so darn adorable! The hammock?! Lol! Hilarious and genius! They are SO totally your children! Seriously ... I really want to meet them some day! Maybe next time you guys are in Utah? We are going to CA first weekend in May...maybe we could stop in to say hi?

Shawna said...

I LOVE the hammock!