Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Lark and Parker's going away party

The Fillmores were the kind of awesome friends who live down the street and trade babysitting and carpool your kids and teach their primary classes and feed your fish while you're away and come over for holidays and commiserate about the tough and wonderful life of surgical residency.  Our kids would bike cheerfully between the two houses and could be bribed to do just about anything with the promise that "you get to go over to Lark's house afterwards!"  Unfortunately, Parker decided to graduate from residency, get a hot-shot fellowship at Johns Hopkins, and pick up and move to Baltimore.  We didn't know what we'd do without them.  And my philosophy is "when in doubt, throw a party." 

Yeah, so that's what we did.  To send the Fillmore family off in style, we invited the whole ward and made tex mex food by the pan-full.  Everyone who loved the Fillmores---which is to say, everyone in the entire ward and a good portion of our neighborhood--came out to wish them well.  

Ana Wagner
Lark with the Turners
Zach and Summer 

The Airds

Jamie Jones with Cassidy and Dakota, Lisa McIntyre, Thavrin Sok, and Diane Stephens

The Peltons

At one count, there were as many as 11 children in the sand box. 

We loved the Fillmores and we'll miss having them around.  But I'm so glad we got to know them and their great kids, and we hope we'll bump into each other again.  
Jack, Paul, Charlotte, Afton, Mimi, and Anna

Charlotte, 5, and Afton, 8
Anna, 3, and Mimi, 4

Jack, 7, and Paul, 5


Sarah said...

We had friends like that move away recently, and I'm still in mourning. I hope you find some good replacements soon!

Lark said...

We are irreplaceable! ;)
Thanks for a great party! Seems like it was just yesterday...