Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Christmas letter, 2012

Swenson Family Awards show 2012
taking the art of Christmas card bragging to a whole new level…

Best long distance parenting/ most shocking vacation photos:  Matt (Went to Germany for 2 months and cared for wounded soldiers at Landstuhl Medical Center.  Really proud of him.  Really, really glad he took those amputation pictures out of the slideshow.)

Best family vacation:  A tie between Pescadero, CA (Swensons, redwoods and beaches in Northern California) and Park City, UT (long weekend with Lewis family. Ben fell in pond.)

Most “participant” medals earned:  5 (Liz: 2 marathons, 2 half marathons and the Las Vegas Ragnar Relay. Honorable mention to Jack and Charlotte for their fancy new soccer trophies!)

Easiest to blame for household mayhem: Ben, 2. (“I think Ben did it!!” has become the chorus of our domestic symphony.  Most of the time, he did do it.  Too bad he’s too cute to discipline.)

Most improved fitness: Matt (caught the fitness bug with a biking twist.  He no longer teases Liz about her crazy running antics, and Liz *tries* not to tease him about the bike shorts.)

Best actress: A tie between Charlotte for her role as the Mommy in every single game of house, and Anna for flapping her pretend wings and ‘flying’ to the school each day.

Best self-hummed theme music: Jack (Yes, he’s still doing it.  It’s still awesome.)

3 ½ years down, 1 ½ years to go in surgical residency.  We’re enjoying all the moments we can between long shifts and active kids, and we’re trying to not play the “when residency is over…” game too much.  Our kids are creative, happy, and all around great people.  2013 is already filling up with assorted races and events for all of us.
We hope 2012 has treated you well.  All the best in 2013!  We love hearing you from all of you!

Love from the Swenson Family: Matt, Liz, Jack (7) Charlotte (6), Anna (4), and Ben (2)

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Tammy and Alvin said...

So fun to see your family growing up!