Sunday, January 11, 2009

First week back

So, I realized this week just how many projects I promised myself that I would start after Christmas break. I've got a charming and willful 2 year old to potty train, a new house to find, and an old house to organize and clean from the inside out. Some updates:

Potty training: Charlotte has started ripping her diaper off at random and will only allow me to put a new one on her if coerced. She will sit on the potty for 3 seconds and then ask for treats.

house search: looks like we're probably going to enter the fascinating and terrifying world of foreclosures. Can anyone tell me why people like to trash their house before they're evicted? Are grown adults really that vindictive? Also, people in Las Vegas don't seem to believe in grass. They make up for it with an almost religious zeal for stucco.

organization: I went a little OCD and got matching containers for all the toys in my locking toy cabinet. Then, I went and printed little labels for all of them. Random visitors to my house have since been subjected to unsolicited tours of my toy cabinet.

cleaning: never realized just how dirty baseboards can get. I'm starting to wish we didn't like our landlords quite so much, and that we didn't convince friends of ours to move in after us.

It's been a fun week! A lot will be put on hold this next week while I teach Jack's preschool. Stay tuned for amusing 3 year old anecdotes from that adventure.


Pink Panda said...

Liz- What is the name of the toy cabinet that you got from Ikea? I looked for it on-lin etoday, but couldn't find it!

Katz said...

Las Vegans don't like grass because it dies. Some of the newer housing developments have desert landscaping in the yards, but the community parks have grass.

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness, you can vent about ANYTHING Las Vegas to me. I hated that people don't believe in grass there. IT bugged me. I mean, you live in a desert, why must you create a desert landscape in your yard? What's the purpose of a yard that does nothing but make you more hot?!'ll learn all about sprinkler systems and the importance of having at least access to a pool.

Rebecca said...

Ah, potty training. I'm sure I've still got a while (Paul's only 15 mos). But I'm looking forward to it being over already....