Thursday, February 26, 2009

Why didn't I take the picture?!

So, yesterday, while I was in the middle of unearthing my house from various layers of child debris in preparation for preschool, I left breakfast out on the kitchen counter. I know, rookie mistake. Next thing I know, half of the surfaces (the lower half) in my home are covered in cream cheese fingerpaint, and I catch Charlotte contentedly drawing swirls on the kitchen floor. In that moment, I was furious and incredulous, but I also had a little corner of myself that said, "you know that you're going to laugh about this someday..." Unfortunately, a much larger corner of myself started insisting that Charlotte follow me around with a dishcloth wiping walls and bookcases before I could take a picture. Now, I'm really wishing I had, because, in the grand scheme of things, it was a really cute thing for her to do. Someday, I will have a hard time convincing her that she wasn't always 16 and that I still see the finger-painting toddler when I look at her. If only I had photo evidence! Anything that you wish that you had taken a picture of, but hadn't?


angela said...

Absolutely all the time. However, since starting a blog I have increased my picture taking making those regrets a little fewer. But I definitely need to work on those annoying frustrating moments that will cause laughter later on.

Coiner Family said...

YES. The time Garner dumped an entire piture of OJ on the kitchen floor, then ran through it, then rolled the giant exercise ball through it. I take it back...VIDEO would have been best.

Jenny said...

I wish I'd taken a picture when Leah helped me stain the kitchen chairs. I had her stripped down to a pull-up, handed her a paint brush and set her loose.