Friday, August 28, 2009

Summer Update

So, I haven't blogged in weeks, and I haven't put pictures up in even longer. I just pulled 111 pictures off the camera. Oddly enough, we didn't take pictures of most of the fun things we've been doing--no pictures of the Swenson family trip to Moon Lake, no pictures of our excursion down the Green River on a rubber raft, nothing from the Logan Zoo or Charlotte's first water tubing adventure. Instead, this is what we have. Enjoy!

Jack did this all to himself, then came and asked me to take a picture. Who am I to refuse?

Here is a picture of Matt looking like a doctor and like a dad. I still giggle a little when he tells people he's a physician because this is the silly guy I know and it's a little weird to think of people putting their well being in his hands...
Here is Anna capitalizing on mom's ice cream cone and being totally happy about it!
Why, oh why, don't I have any clean pictures of my children? I promise that occasionally, I do groom them!
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Shawna said...

It was so nice to see all the pictures! We miss you guys! I'll have to show Grace and Liliana all the pics of the dinosaur park tomorrow :)

Rebecca said...

oh what fun! I like to see crazy happy kid pictures even more than the nicely posed ones.