Friday, August 28, 2009

More pictures

I guess these ones didn't go through with the last batch:

Here are the kids in front of the Salt Lake Temple. My mom works for the church, so whenever we're in town we go and meet her for lunch and enjoy Temple Square.
Here's Jack at the Dinosaur park in Odgen. It's such a fun place--nearly full size models of dinosaurs, etc. lurking everywhere!
More dinosaurs. This one was particularly creepy.
Here are Charlotte and Rachel, her cousin that lives in Logan. They had such fun playing together!
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Aleese and Scott said...

Oh liz, I miss those kids!! I can't believe how big Anna has gotten she looks more and more like Jack. Sounds like you have had so much fun this summer!!

Annie Beckstead said...

Great pictures... hasn't summer gone too fast?!?