Sunday, October 23, 2011

you did WHAT in Vegas!?!?

Reasons Why I am Going to Wear this Gray T-Shirt EVERY DAY for the next 2 weeks...

Reason #1:  After months of planning, recruiting, shuffling, and plenty of self doubt, Ragnar weekend came: 188 miles, 12 runners, 29 hours.  Here we all are at the finish line with our well-deserved medals (I would also wear the medal for the next two weeks, but Matt forbade that.  Probably a good thing...)
Reason #2:  No really, I promise, it was REALLY fun.  I know all you non-runners are rolling your eyes at the prospect.  It was 3 parts racing, one part slumber party, one part camping.  All through some of the most beautiful areas around.  
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 Reason #3:  We went pretty mellow in our costume choice--and yes, compared to many other teams, our brilliant neon tee shirts were very mellow.  Our favorites: a bunch of dudes running in red dresses and a group wearing togas.

Reason #4:  What better way to hang out with people than to meet them every mile of their race at the side of the road, hollering and cheering?  Also, nothing like knowing the van is waiting up ahead to keep you from walking up those nasty hills.  It was racing with a whole new level of support and camaraderie.

 Reason #5:  I took the car seats out of my van for the first time in months, and vacuumed up layers of accumulated crackers, stickers, and polly pocket shoes.  Then, we proceeded to load it with junk food, 6 smelly runners, window chalk, and by the end, a complete coating of dust.  I will get around to cleaning it, but I must say it was quite the spectacle in the church parking lot this morning.

Reason #5:  Matt came out to support me on my night run, because I wanted him to be part of the fun and because I had to run through a trail away from the van for a while.  He came along on his bike and chatted the whole time.  Also note the attractive reflective running gear we lived in from 5:00 pm to 7:00 am.  

Reason #6:  I am a killing machine. See the red blur?  That's a dude in a dress.  See that yellow blur?  That's me, leaving him behind to choke on my dust.  Not to say that worthy opponents didn't catch up to me plenty, but I did run like greased neon yellow lightening.  I made great--even PR beating--times on all three of my legs.  

Reason #7:  I even love the less glamorous aspects of the race--like wearing reflective vests, using porta-potties and sleeping clumped together in the back of a rank van.  Just added to the whole experience.

That's seven reasons.  It could have been 12 (as in 12 amazing team members), or 36 (number of legs we ran together) or even 188 (for the number of miles.  or the number of porta-potties).  But if I had to describe the whole thing in one word?  Epic.  :)


Tammy and Alvin said...

That's awesome, Liz! Thanks for letting me live vicariously through your description, since it's not something I will ever do. :) Way to go!

Jenny said...

Good job! You did it!

Dan said...

That looks like tons of fun! Way to go Liz!!!

Jamie J Stansfield said...

now you can put one of those dang ragnar stickers on your van! I admit I see them everywhere and am dying to earn one post baby! You are my inspiration! Great job!!!