Saturday, August 20, 2011

I'm grateful for Dr. Matt

I really am coming around to the idea of blogging as a form of personal history.  I have a goal to become more active and want to start posting every day about small, meaningful things in my life.

Today, I'm grateful to be married to the man who kicks into high gear when I am panicked and disoriented.  namely, when there's blood involved.  Charlotte had an unfortunate run-in with a dog in front of Petsmart today that ended up with her face scratched, blood streaming down her cheeks and into her eyes.  I was paralyzed by the horrifying thought that something may have happened to her sight.  Matt was sweeping her up in his arms, cleaning her off with stacks of napkins, and convincing the store manager not to call 911.

I ended up at home with the other three kids, helplessly wringing my hands, eating stress foods and playing dr. mario.  Matt was, well, playing Dr. Matt, getting Charlotte admitted to the ER, supervising her care, and cashing in on extra attention from a host of nurses he has treated with respect for the last two years.  Charlotte came home in Matt's arms with neatly bandaged stitches (a measly 4 in total, despite the waterfalls of blood), a stuffed puppy, a popsicle stained tongue and grand stories about cupcakes and cartoons.

I don't know how I would have made it through today without him.


Tammy and Alvin said...

Why do heads have to bleed so much? So glad it all turned out okay! I'll have to watch my kids closer the next time we're around a petsmart. ;)

Welcome back to blogging. We're excited to being hearing more from you. Make sure to include pictures!

Jenny said...

I am so glad you are back to blogging! I feel bad that Charlotte had a bad experience with a dog, fortunatley it was a good experience getting taken care of by dad and the hospital. Is she now going to be afraid of dogs for the rest of her life?

Teacher Eli said...

Hmm. We don't know. We'll have to take dogs on a case by case basis. We are still optimistic about getting a family dog within the next year, but perhaps not a llasa apso, like the one that got her.