Sunday, August 21, 2011

A summer snapshot

So, looking at my blog you've probably guessed that as bad as I am at keeping it up to date, I'm even worse at posting pictures.  Life just goes too fast, and if I stop to take a picture, I feel like I'm missing it.  

However, these are a few pictures that remind me of this summer.  Below, Matt with Jack and Charlotte out on the kayak at Big Bear Lake.  Anna is in the foreground, pulling the kayak to shore.  I am taking the picture, being the fabulous kind of parent that will stand there and watch a 2 year old try to lug 200+ lbs onto the shore.  

Matt and I went with some of his family on a bike ride to go visit the "Largest Lodgepole Pine in the world!!!"  Despite sounding a little like a cheesy roadside attraction, it was an awesome sight, and a good introduction into the world of mountain biking.

This is Charlotte being cute in her carseat.  Most likely, she spent 10 minutes posing and asking us to take her picture.  Then, when she was not appeased by my pretend camera "click", I must have pulled out the cell phone.

Oh, and this.  I took this picture so that I could text it to a friend of mine.  She was about to send her son over to our house for a play date, and I wanted to be perfectly clear about what she was sending him into.  No children have catapulted out of the pool and into the barrel cactus, stage right.  Yet.

This was a view I couldn't resist while I was trail running, again at Big Bear Lake.  I wish I could describe the freedom and peace I felt, running by myself through the woods, stopping to watch wildlife, take a picture, or decide which fork in the trail to follow.  Well, the freedom and peace I felt until about mile 7, when Matt started texting me..  Good ole cell phone GPS.  Husband built in. :)

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Sarah said...

Oh hooray! A post with PICTURES!!! I love the backyard snap. That's what mine looks like my kids dreams. In actuality we just have a blow up pool with a waterfall from the hose looped through the deck above. Your family is super cute as always! Thanks for sharing.